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sukanto Kuri
02 de jul. de 2022
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When designing and processing, try to expand the font or use The contrasting treatment of background and font colors makes it a strong contrast ratio. Conversely, if the word processing cannot be done well, the design effect will be weakened, the level of the design will be unclear, and the value of the work will be affected. 2.2 Highlight the designer's design concept Design is for people, and people's thoughts react to design works. A good design work embodies the designer's hard work, and at the same time can reflect the designer's thoughts and high taste in the side. A good designer must be able to make full use of the advantages of fonts. Like the product design we usually see, each product or food design package will be accompanied by a text description. Consumers use these instructions to obtain effective information. If the design effect is good and the theme effect is clear, Image Manipulation Service the audience will quickly understand the key points. If the design effect is average, the viewer will not be able to obtain information effectively, so making good use of the advantages of font design is very helpful for expressing the designer's idea. 2.3 Promote the coordination of design works The production of a design work requires a lot of procedures and also contains many elements. Like images, graphics, colors are the main elements that make up the design. The programs cooperate with each other, and the elements complement each other to create a complete and sufficient design work. The designer arranges the fonts according to the style of the design work, the color and temperature, and the pictures and graphics. Through these, the fonts are designed and the coordination between the various elements is done well. The addition of text can more intuitively present the theme of the design to the viewer. In the design work, different font forms are designed according to different artistic requirements to conform to the overall rhythm of the picture, and this arrangement brings people a beautiful vision.

sukanto Kuri

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